Reba Joy




CenturyLink, the 5th largest telecommunications company, that based its creative + production work with Peter Mayer, a New Orleans Advertising agency.


I began my creative career at Peter Mayer, as an entry level Studio Designer, I learned foundational skills about print production, file/asset management, brand stewardship, retouching/compositing, concepting campaigns, designing for print/web/tv.


We produced everything, from regular FSI print ads, to animated banner ads, email, broadcast TV commercials and everything in between.


Things learned

  • What it means to be a part of a team and how to cultivate it.

  • Foundational concepts of design systems, organization, file naming conventions, sharing files with large groups of people.

  • Working within a rigid brand guide, to create unique, branded pieces.

  • Concepting with a partner to produce commercials.