Reba Joy

Simple Cards

Simple Cards


This project was developed out of a desire to create and foster honest dialogue. Looking at my world, as a microcosm or as a lens into the lives of others, I discovered a common ground that people could relate to.


Beginning with diving into the relationships in my life, and honing in on the core “issues” helped me deduce universal truths. Feelings we all feel, things we all want and need to speak to.


In total 20 cards were created, each speaking to one simple truth


Things I learned:

  • How to sift through dozens of ideas, to find the idea.

  • Craftsmanship, this entire project was hand made, some were 2-dimensional objects and had die cuts . Every card was produced in multiples of 15 so that attendees could take cards that spoke to them.

  • Value of critique, without the support and honesty of my peers I would not have gotten here from where the ideas began.