Reba Joy

Venture Pop

Venture Pop


A festival celebrating innovation, forward thinking and the entrepreneurial movement in New Orleans.

Welcoming over 10,000 each year, NOEW is a powerful platform for entrepreneurs at all stages to pitch their great ideas, and offer the opportunity to learn and network from thought leaders in the business world.


As the Art Director/Designer with a strong background in Advertising, I provided a more well rounded perspective informing on tone/messaging in addition to design pathways, standards, best practices and asset organization to elevate the brand.


NOEW comprised of over 200 unique pieces of collateral, spanning from website + mobile design, large format printing, animation, way-finding to publications and social media.


Things learned

  • How to organize the creative process for an organization. Prior to my arrival, there wasn't a process for intaking projects and tracking them through the creative process.

  • To refine language for our various audience segments.

  • To create design systems to aid in the flow of this event. This event took place across 5 different buildings in a three block radius, design systems were the glue that tied it all together.

  • To keep the user top of mind. Throughout the process of designing for the physical event and spaces I focused on making this complex event as simple as possible.